Did The Yalie’s Finally Nail Castro?

The Magic Bullet Theory

The Pacific Dining Room is one of the landmark restaurants in the city of Los Angeles.  Founded in 1921, it remains the rare fine dining restaurant open 24 hours.  The T-bone is great, the creamed spinach even better and their Filet and Eggs for under $20 on the late night menu is to die for.

While chatting with a lady friend and owner Wes Idol, an elderly gentleman in a beige coat leaning precariously on a black umbrella caught my eye.  It took me a minute to realize all his head-nods, hand waves and finally a whistle were directed at me.  Just who was this person who looked vaguely familiar screaming at me, I wondered.  It was then I felt my phone vibrate in my front left pocket.  I had three missed phone calls from 917-982-7098.  The man in beige coat was Yalie #2, my old friend, and CIA operator, Yalie #1’s partner.

He quickly motioned me to the bar area known as the Club Car.  When I reached him at the far corner of the well appointed bar area, Yalie #2 pushed a crisp, recent neatly folded piece of newspaper towards my left hand.  He fixed his red- stripped tie and smiled.  “It’s from your favorite the New York Post.  The story is correct but their rationale is wrong.”

I unfolded the article just enough to read the following headline: Fidel Castro in ‘vegetative state’ after stroke: doctor.

“Does that mean…” I started.

“It means nothing except a very bad man got what was coming to him from an old friend,” he replied.

“And who would that old friend be,” I asked.

“Most likely it was Karma but perhaps it was something a bit more real.  Enjoy your meal,” he said slapping on the lightly on the left cheek.

And with that he was off into the Los Angeles night.

Of course the article (below) claims all sorts of rumors with nary a mention of CIA/American involvement.

The rumor mill surrounding the health of Fidel Castro churned anew on Friday, despite a letter from the aging Cuban revolutionary published by state media and denials by relatives at home and in the United States that he is on death’s door.

Social media sites and some news organizations have reported allegations by a Venezuelan doctor that Castro, 86, had suffered a massive stroke, was in a vegetative state, and had only weeks to live, though the same doctor, Jose Rafael Marquina, has made some claims before that have not panned out.

Marquina told Spain’s ABC newspaper that Castro had suffered a “massive embolism of the right cerebral artery” and while not on life support or breathing artificially, was “moribund” at a house in a gated former country club in western Havana.

Marquina also said that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had traveled suddenly to Havana to be with his friend and ally, an account that could not be immediately verified.

Reached by The Associated Press, Marquina said his sources were in Venezuela, but he would not identify them or say how they were in a position to have information about Castro’s health. He also indicated he had received corroborating evidence from sources on Twitter, but would not say who.

In April, Marquina said that Chavez, who has been battling an undisclosed kind of cancer, was in his “last days” and would not last to November. With less than two weeks to go, the Venezuelan leader says he’s beaten the illness and appears stronger in public.

Castro’s health is considered a matter of national security in Cuba and few details are released.

Rumors that the former Cuban leader has died or is near death have circulated repeatedly for years, but they gained force after he failed to issue a public statement congratulating Chavez on his Oct. 7 election victory.

Castro has not been seen in public since March, when he received visiting Pope Benedict XVI. He has also stopped writing his once-constant opinion pieces, the last of which appeared in June.

There was no immediate comment from the Cuban government on the latest claims, but a letter attributed to Castro was published Thursday by Cuban state media. In it, he congratulated graduates of a medical school on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Two close family members of Castro have also recently denied he is in grave condition. Juanita Castro, the former leader’s sister, told the AP in Miami that reports of her brother’s condition are “pure rumors” and “absurd.”

Son Alex Castro told a reporter for a weekly Cuban newspaper that his father “is well, going about his daily life.”

Non-denial denials, matters of Cuban National Security and an elderly Company man walking around with a dumbass grin on his wrinkled face.  Of course, it all takes place in the same restaurant frequented by the infamous Mickey Cohen.

Jesus, now the bastard has me wondering if this was the long awaited ‘hit’ on the Cuban strongman or just the Great Magnet screaming for the man Cubans call ‘Your Malignancy.’



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