G-d’s Speed Tippytoes.

Detroit Stories

“I had just turned 18 and was sitting in the Lindell AC across from the Corner on a hot July night in 1963.  I was sitting in a booth with my feet up, enjoying the night.

There weren’t enough people in the place to get angry so of course a fight breaks out between these two guys at the end of the bar.

The bartender was a stocky guy built like a fireplug.  He had black horned rimmed glasses that kept falling down his nose.

So the fight breaks out and the bartender jumps over the bar, grabs the two guys, slams them into each other and throws them out the door onto Trumbull Ave.  I don’t think those two knew what hit them.

After he was done, he jumped back over the bar, pushed his glasses up his nose and got back into the conversation he was having with some guy.

The bartender was Alex Karras.  That’s where he worked during 1963 while he was suspended by the NFL for gambling.”

— Petra.

‘Mongo’ was light on his feet.  No wonder his nickname was ‘Tippytoes.

RIP Alex Karras.

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