Thoughts On The Spring By Guest Blogger Jennifer Maher

The Core Belief

Spring is a time of renewal and new life.  To me, it is much more a time of new beginnings and resolutions than New Year’s.  The warmer weather is invigorating and I have more energy now that I am not fighting my body’s urge to hibernate.  More than that, watching the grey-brown earth become green again and vibrantly colored flowers bursting out all over reminds me of possibilities.

If dead looking twigs of a short time ago are now blooming with wonderfully scented blossoms, what can I do to transform myself and bring new vitality to my life?  I know it is clichéd, enough that the ideas and images of spring renewal are in commercials to the point that we are inclined to write it off as hokey window dressing of the ad agencies.

I want to suggest that you take a minute to look out a window, or go for a walk, do something that will let you find your inspiration in the season.  Maybe it won’t be blooming plants, perhaps for you the sign of spring is convertibles with their tops down, or the roar of motorcycles that have come out of their winter hibernation.  Whatever it is that drives you, see the possibilities and let yourself live them.

— Jennifer Maher

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