Uncle Morty Dropped A Quarter

The Core Belief

Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the Exodus from Egypt lo those many years ago, begins today at sundown.  Jews all over the world will gather for a ritual meal called a Seder – also known as the Last Supper to our Gentile brothers and sisters – where the story of the exit for Egypt is read, four questions are asked, much food is served and at least four glasses of wine must be consumed during the course of the dinner.

Of course, the question many of our Gentile family members, friends etc. ask is why did you wander in the desert for 40 years after leaving the service of the Pharaoh’s?  To get rid of the bad blood aka those who built the Golden Calf?  Did you start out with bad directions?  Was Moses’ wife a back seat driver?

The answer is E. None of the above.

The truth?  We wandered in that fucking desert for 40 years because Uncle Morty dropped a quarter.

Guten Pesach to you all!

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