Have You Seen The Magic Bullet Theory Yet?

The Magic Bullet Theory

Haven’t made it out to the show yet? Well maybe David C Nichols of the L.A. Times will get you there faster, “What recommends “Bullet” is the garage-show confidence with which Mayes, choreographer Natasha Norman, the design team and a laudable ensemble attack the mayhem.”

Or perhaps Clare Elfman of Buzzine can sway you when she says “..the action is so entertaining, often so puzzling, that I spent the first half not only laughing but trying to reconcile the plot with what I remembered of the real event, and the second half thinking, “Oh, who gives a damn?” and just letting go and having a wild rompy but gut-laughy time.”

Read the full reviews and an article from the LAStage times herehttp://sacredfools.org/mainstage/12/magicbullettheory/

I’ll be watching at Sacred Fools Theater tonight and I hope to see you there as well!


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