F. Lee Bailey To Lee Harvey Oswald

The Magic Bullet Theory

Yesterday I posed this question on the Magic Bullet Theory Facebook page to those of you intent of playing Seven Degrees From JFK (it’s just like Seven Degrees from Kevin Bacon with the assassination of JFK being the beginning of the game): how many steps does it take to get from F. Lee Bailey – one of OJ’s attorney’s – to the events on Dealey Plaza that 22nd day of November, 1963?

Answer: 3.  Bailey represented New Orleans DA Jim Garrison after against charges of corruption after he failed to bring a guilty verdict against Clay Shaw in the murder of JFK in his 1969 trial.  (This trial was the basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK).  Garrison used accused Kennedy conspirator David Ferrie as a confidential informant.  Ferrie had a personal relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Got that conspiracy fans?

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