The Magic Bullet Theory Is Cast!

The Magic Bullet Theory

It’s official gang: the cast of The Magic Bullet Theory, set to premier on March 23, 2012, is set and ready to reek havoc upon the Sacred Fools stage.


Terry Tocantins – Charlie
CJ Merriman – Marsha
Rick Steadman – Texan
Bryan Krasner – Louie/Whykowski
KJ Middlebrooks – Frank/Sanchez
Vanessa Stewart – Jackie Kennedy
Michael Holmes – Lee Harvey Oswald
Marz Richards – Jack Ruby
Steve Hofvendahl – Chipmunk
Moory Schoor – Earl Warren
Victor Isaac – Arlen Specter
Lisa Anne Nicolai – Dorothy Kilgallen
Paul Byrne – Lee Bowers/Gov. Connolly/Zapruder/Dr.
Monica Greene – Yalie
Pete Caslavka – Yalie
Understudies – Isaac Nippert, Brian Wallis, Marianne Davis, Jessica Sherman, and Dana DeRuyck

Come out to Sacred Fools Theatre and see just how screwed the conspiracy to murder the President of was!

See you there.


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