Merry Christmas 2011

The Core Belief

As the calendar marches inevitably towards Christmas 2011, I’d like to wish all of my readers a safe, healthy, happy and merry Christmas Eve and Day.  I hope Santa, whomever she or he is for you, brings every gift your heart desires.  Enjoy the time spent with close friends and family.

For all those atheist and Jewish friends and readers, please find a good Chinese joint and enjoy the time off.  However, with so few sporting events on this Christmas Day – who really cares about the NBA coming back anyway – here are my Top 5 Holiday Movies.  Stream them on Netflix if you haven’t seen them yet:

Bad Santa – For the Grinch in us all.

The Hebrew Hammer – He’s the Certified Circumcised Dick who gets all the chicks but still can’t please his Mother.  (Sorry about Croft and the Dreidel thing Patty.)

Nobody’s Fool – Paul Newman as a loser/loner who’s a little older and only ever so slightly wiser.  A beautiful, funny, sweet little film.  It’s also Jessica Tandy’s last movie.

A Christmas Story – Stream it and avoid the TBS Marathon like guys who panhandle outside Macy’s.

The Ref – Dennis Leary is the therapist from Hell but even he can’t fix Kevin Spacey.

Well kids, check ‘em out if you haven’t seen ‘em.  Otherwise eat drink and be merry.  Just make sure to drive safe.

Merry Christmas!



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