Fluoride Tattoos And Teeth

The First Essential Scary Truth

My jaunt through the new Las Vegas and down into the Los Angeles metropolitan area has provided me with a glimpse into a seemingly important yet incongruous fact not readily available to the casual observer: here in the western US tattoos appear to outnumber teeth.  This isn’t just in the tragic hipster ghettos but also on Fremont Street, The Strip, Melrose Ave. and Ventura Boulevard in the wonderful San Fernando Valley.

The odd thing about the great tatted toothless masses isn’t the apparent lack of dental care but what can be found in their hands: bottled water.  Fiji, Panna and all kinds other brands known and unknown to your occasionally intrepid blogger.

My recommendation to those few with teeth outnumbering tattoos as well you kids out there taken in by the glamour of spending $2.00 a pop for 12 oz. of ‘natural/spring’ water for it’s organic qualities is don’t.  Read the memo from the 1950’s entitled ‘The Fluoridation of America’s Drinking Water.’  No it’s not a Communist Fascist plot to poison the bodies of America’s youth.  And by drinking water from the tap just think of the money you can save to get more ink.

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