Seven Degrees From Al Capone

The Magic Bullet Theory

The Producers and Writers (Terry Tocantins and your occasionally intrepid blogger) of the Magic Bullet Theory are starting a new game (well it’s a new take on an old game but since there is nothing new under the sun…) called Seven Degrees from Al Capone.

Listed below are ten individuals who have either been linked to or have claimed to be in on the Dealey Plaza job. How many degrees separates each from Al Capone?

1. Lee Harvey Oswald
2. Clay Shaw
3. Santo Trafficante
4. Carlos Marcello
5. E. Howard Hunt
6. David Ferrie
7. Johnny Rosselli
8. Frank Sturgis
9. Jack Ruby
10. General Edward Lansdale

I know it seems odd: how can all these people be tied to a gangster who died in 1947 from syphilis contracted as a child, the same venereal disease that left the mob chief with the mentality of a 12 year old from the late 1930’s until his death.  However it seems many of the players within Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy circles at (the very least) knew the infamous Chicago organized crime titan who’s name means castrated male chicken in Italian.

The answers will be posted on The Magic Bullet Theory’s Facebook Fan Page starting later today.  So go and like our page and wrack that brain to see how many steps it takes to get from an US Air Force General to Capone.

No fair using Google!



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