Bob Turner Loves The Jews

The First Essential Scary Truth

On Tuesday, a special election was held in New York Congressional District 9 to fill the House seat vacated by disgraced Democratic sexter Anthony Weiner. Democrats hold a 3-1 advantage in the NY9 thus no Republican has been elected to serve the Queens/Brooklyn constituency since the Harding Administration and party choice David Weprin was considered a lock to win by many observers.  Weprin served the area in the state assembly and his Republican opponent was Bob Turner, a 70 year old retired Cable TV exec had never run for political office before.  A lamb offered up by the GOP to the Machine.

Shortly after the announcement of the combatants, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat, announced he would be endorsing Turner in order to send a ‘message’ to President Obama over his ‘anti-Israeli’ policies.  In short order, Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, another Democrat, joined Koch.  Not only has the NY9 been one of the most reliably Democratic voting districts in the country but it is also the home to the largest bloc of Jewish voters in the United States.  On it’s face, Koch and Hikind’s strategy would seem to be sound.  Except Weprin is Jewish and made strong pro-Israeli statements during the campaign, statements matched by his opponent.

A bettor, even in this horrible economy, would have claimed the safe money to be on Weprin.  Everything was in his favor, including a late monetary influx from the DNC and personal appearances by the popular Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and former President Bill Clinton.

Weprin lost by 8 points.

Pundits rushed to blame the bad economy, anti-Washington sentiment, his support of Gay Marriage with so many Orthodox Jewish voters etc etc etc.  However, most voters claimed two issues of major importance: the bad economy and the President’s handling of Israel.

To recap: the Republican Roman Catholic Bob Turner, former producer of The Jerry Springer Show, beat his Democratic opponent by promising to follow Tea Party principles for a better economy and because he loved the Jews more than Orthodox Jew David Weprin loved the Jews.


Only in America.  By the way, am I on anything?

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