The Sacred Fools 15th Season Launch Party Is This Saturday!

The Magic Bullet Theory

The East Coast hit by an earthquake.  The government is selling guns to drug cartels.  Las Vegas casinos are family entertainment.  Everyday another bit of overt strangeness flies into the national consciousness.  But just how weird can it get?

Frankly, I have no idea but I can offer you tonic for the bad craziness that appears to be right around the corner: Sacred Fools Theatre’s 15th Season Launch party, this Saturday – August 27th – at Sacred Fools Theatre.

Come meet your occasionally intrepid blogger as well as Terry Tocantins, the co-writer of The Magic Bullet Theory and my fellow traveler, along with the creators of the Carnevil, Four Clowns, The Christmas Present and Stoneface, the other plays scheduled to grace the stage in this 15th Sacred Fools Season.

It’s just $20 to get in and there’s fun to be had for all.  Hope to see you there!





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