Debt On The Retail Plan Or Why Jews Don’t Run The Country

The First Essential Scary Truth

With the current volatility in the stock market and S&P lowering the credit rating of the US, the ugly voice of anti-Semitism has once again begun to infiltrate the Internet/media.

Below is a post from the Landover Baptist Church alerting the citizens of the Republic to this ancient yet new threat:

McCain economic advisor Donald Luskin says the Jew-bankers, Jew-owned media and Jew-bought democratic congress deliberately caused the economic crisis.

Rush Limbaugh, unofficial leader of the Republican party, also advocates this theory.

This thread is for collecting the masses of evidence to back up this theory. Once this thread reaches 1,000 replies, I will create a second evidence file.

First, we have this snippet, from a manifesto found pinned up in a SINogogue:

The truth is that we, the Socialist International Conspiracy, not only saw this coming, we are the ones who made it happen. The plan took shape during a particularly intense criticism/self-criticism session at our 2000 annual convention in a booth at an Akron IHOP. … we would focus on destroying capitalism, hedge fund by hedge fund. First, we selected a cadre of crusty punks from the streets of Seattle, stripped off their Che t-shirts, suited them up in Armani’s and wingtips, and introduced them to the concepts of derivatives and dental floss. Then we shipped them to Wall Street with firm instructions: Make as much money as you can… send it out to make more money by whatever dodgy means you can find – subprime loans, credit default swaps, pyramid schemes … Spend your own earnings in the most flamboyantly gross ways you can think of—$10,000 martinis, fountains of champagne – so as to fan the flames of class resentment. … we could not have inflicted such massive damage to capitalism if we hadn’t also planted skilled agents in high places within the government and various quasi-governmental agencies…Onwards comrades! Heighten the contradictions!

Aside from the sheer lack of any intellectual sense to the arguments above, I will now refute this person’s query with sheer logic.

The current economic crisis was caused by the collapse of the Housing Bubble brought on by the Sub Prime Mortgage boom.  This allowed for defaults in the billions of dollars.  This in turn led to available credit markets drying up and thus no financial moves could be made.  With little or no credit to be found to allow folks to service their or any debt we ran head long into the current financial crisis.

All of the above pricing on Sub Prime Mortgages et al is done by the banks based on retail models.  Therefore we know Jews do not run the country – if they did, everything would be bought wholesale.

And just think how much cash we would have saved if we had all bought wholesale?  More than enough to knock out the debt, which stands at $15,586,630,232,748.48 as of August 12, 2011.

Take it to the bank.  Ok, poor choice of words.

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