Is There A Green Leaf On My Teeth

The First Essential Scary Truth

In Arizona when you buy a handgun, you can carry the weapon in a concealed fashion without having to get a special permit.  I can’t figure out why the powers that be in the Grand Canyon State would allow any knucklehead with a pistol to walk around with a loaded gun.  At first I thought it was a vain attempt to keep up with the Wild West past romanticized by Hollywood and the good citizens of Arizona.  Now I think the law was put in place to get rid of road rage.  Call it a nod to the libertarian Goldwater past or whatever else you please.

However, there are still things even these live and let live according to the constitution folks do frown upon.

(From CBS News)

Former NBA player Samaki Walker was arrested in Arizona on Thursday night for possession of marijuana and liquid steroids.

After being pulled over in his 2002 Mercedes-Benz during a routine traffic stop in Kingman (Ariz.), Walker attempted to eat eight grams of marijuana before he was arrested.

Officials seized a total of approximately 10 grams of marijuana, in addition to some prescription drugs and eight bottles of liquid steroids.

Walker still plays professional basketball for Al-Jalaa Aleppo in Syria, where he said that steroids are legal. Unfortunately for him, they are illegal in Arizona and he was charged with a misdemeanor.

The ninth overall pick of the 1996 draft by the Dallas Mavericks, Walker also played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

How did the cops know what was going on?  Did they see Walker actually eat the green leafy substance or did they see a green leaf on his teeth?



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