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I almost never mention my brother Joel.  It’s due to my leaving home when I was 18.  I honestly have never gotten to know my youngest brother all that well as an adult.  I never went back to Detroit and only get to see him a couple of times a year in Scottsdale.  Today however, is a special day in the life of my youngest brother.  A day I would like to let everyone know about.


Halloween 35 years ago today, I woke up at 6amish complaining of a sore throat.  When I called for my Mother, in came my Mother’s life long friend (they met at a ballet class when they were 4 years old) Bobbi Medwed.  She offered me the appropriate consolation and told me the big news: Mom and Dad were at the hospital and soon, Scot and I would have a new baby brother or sister.


Later that day, dressed up as Spiderman and Batman respectively, although I don’t remember who was who. Dad took us to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan to see our new baby brother.  


It was no treat but rather a trick.  Joel Andrew Zola was supposed to be Sara Zola.


Happy 35th Birthday Joel.





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